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What Dr. P's patients say about her

Green Hills

Mickey S

For many years I have had a constant pain on the left side of my neck. I tried every OTC pain patch & nothing would take away the nagging sensation. After 1 treatment from Dr. P and I finally felt some relief, but overall my pain is essentially gone. Thank you so much for your continued care

Sabrina C.

Dr. Marlene is such a wonderful Physical Therapist! She genuinely cares and supports me in so many ways. My shoulder is much improved after one session. She has great hands,  and is very knowledgeable and gifted! 

Green Hills

Roberta H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Marlene's for several years.   She has remarkable insight, experience and knowledge to determine the cause of my health problems, which have significantly improved under her care. Equally important is Dr. Marlene's compassionate, caring attitude.  Her desire is to heal not only physically but also wholistically. I would highly recommend Dr. Marlene to anyone seeking a health care provider that is both highly competent, professional and truly cares about her patients.

James G.

It’s easy to write this testimonial about Dr. P and the positive impact she has had on my health, my movement, my balance, and my mental well-being. When I came to Dr. P for my first visit, I was very unhealthy, my weight was an issue and I struggled with pain, inflammation and balance issues. With her guidance and care, I am a new person. I have lost weight, my pain, inflammation and skin issues are under control and well on their way to total healing. I had a lot of work to do and it’s important to remember that we are responsible for our own health and well being, Dr. P has given me the tools and treatments to achieve these goals. Her bedside manner is outstanding. I can not recommend Dr. P enough.

Green Hills

Adeline R.

Dr. Povilauskas is wonderful! I had some wrist pain and she was able to assess and treat me quickly, and my pain was resolved after just one treatment. She gave me some exercises to continue at home to prevent me from re-injury.

Beth P

For the short amount of time of being cared for by Dr. Marlene, I realized that she is a gifted practitioner. My back was really hurting me and the way she moved me around a bit, I immediately felt relief. She also educated me on how nutrition can impact me and as well of other ways to keep my body well and healthy. I totally trust and believe in her. It is not easy to find someone as talented and exceptionally sincere and nice in her demeanor as Dr. Marlene. She is a lovely helpful human being. I am ready for more- let's go and ready to roll.

Thank you Dr. Marlene!

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