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Dewy Flowers

Our Services

We provide a specialized and individualized hands on approach which assists in realigning your body and restoring balance to allow your body to work better as a whole. Manual techniques may include Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Work, Total Motion Release Techniques, Trigger Point Release, and Neural Mobilization.

At Healthy Movement Physical Therapy, we have a whole body integrative approach for working with school aged children with an exercise-based program for children who have had injury to the inner ear or brain. We also work with children with gross motor and developmental delays, balance and coordination deficits, toe-walking, orthopedic and sports injuries, scoliosis, limitations in range of motion and strength, poor posture and pain

We focus on the whole body approach to restore function,  promoting physical activity, educating on sleep health, stress management, and diet and nutrition. We help to address lifestyle behavior which may impact your health.

We deliver rapid results by enhancing your nervous system to optimize pain relief, movement and performance. This is achieved by assessing and selecting specific exercises for breathing, vision, vestibular, sensory, hearing, strength, balance, coordination, mobility, and pain.

We assist clients actively pursue optimal health, fitness, lifestyle and well being to prevent ill health. This is accomplished through comprehensive education and lifestyle modifications that empowers you to make better health decisions.

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